Why daily prayer is important?

For me personally PRAYER is a very divine and fulfilling experience.Its that special time I connect with God…

There are many reasons why I feel daily prayer is important, to list a few:

a). The primary reason is to THANK GOD for everything he has given us…

b). Prayers help us take charge of our life during hard times.By engaging ourselves in regular prayer, we are bringing ourselves one step closer to God.

c). Prayer is the easiest way to communicate with God. Prayer helps in building strength which inturn gives us a positive frame of mind thereby leading to success in every task we undertake…

d). Prayer make us a better human -helps us fight our negative qualities and work on a path that directs us to be good souls.

So lets all make PRAYER TIME a part of our daily lives.We have NOTHING to loose but only blessings coming from the SUPREME HIGH!

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