Sridevi & Bhudevi

Sridevi & Bhudevi

Sridevi & Bhudevi

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Sridevi & Bhudevi are both manifestations of Mahalakshmi. As goddess Mahalakshmi is Nitya Sangini of Lord Narayana, both Sridevi & Bhudevi  are an  expansion of Mahalakshmi.


Sridevi and Bhudevi are both consorts or wives of Lord Vishnu. Both the Goddesses are depicted similarly signifying that Lord Vishnu hold equal affection for both. In Paramapadam (Sri Vaikuntham) Sridevi is seated to the right of the Lord, and Bhudevi to his left. People worship both Sri and Bhudevi with Lord Vishnu.


Bhudevi is potency of MANIFESTATION. Bhudevi/Bhuma Devi is goddess earth and is the divine wife of Varahaswamy, the third avatar of Mahavishnu. She is also known as Bhumi/Dharti/Dhrithri. Sita Mata (wife of Rama) is considered as the daughter of Bhudevi referring her for miraculous origin from a field, considered as born from earth’s womb. Bhudevi represents patience, dedication, forgiveness, responsibility, virtues and high morality. There is

Bhu Suktam for Bhudevi which is a chanted as a prayer for Earth Goddess.

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Sridevi is the potency of BEAUTY. Sridevi is Sri Lakshmi, who is the second consort of Mahavishnu. Sridevi represents desire, ambition, confidence, courage, charm, beauty/handsomeness, intelligence, artist, lover etc.

Sri Suktam also known as Sri Sukta is a very popular Sanskrit devotional hymn recited to invoke Goddess Lakshmi who is considered as symbol of wealth and prosperity. Goddess Sridevi is described as glorious, ornamented, royal, lustrous as gold, and radiant as fire, moon and the sun.

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