School year and MATH fear…

This post is taken from my other blog but I thought I should post it here again just so that it benefits all my kuttys…
Maths sure scares kids….I used to be scared of maths and hated the subject…thats when my amma introduced me to the NAMAGIRI THAYAR….:)

This shloka below is addressed to Goddess Namagiri, the goddess  in the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple  in Namakkal in Tamil Nadu. Sri Ramanujam believed that all his mathematical proficiency was because of this Thayar. So a lot of devotees including me used to chant this stotram…..


Sri Vidya Mantra Ratna Prakatitha Vibhavaa

Sri Subalaapoorna Kaama, sarveshaprathidhaa

Sakala suranoothaa Sarvasaamraajyathaathri

Lakshmi Sri Veda Garba Vidhurathu Mathisaa Vishwa Kalyaanabhooma

Vishwa Kshemaatham Yoga Vimala Gunavathi Vishnu Vakshathalastha

Chant and let me know the difference in the mathematical skills of your child! I’m sure many mothers are going to be really happy with their kutty’s improving in maths….Would be a great relief indeed.

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