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Bhargavi Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple – The Only Temple in TamilNadu where Lord Narasimhar is in NINDRA KOLAM (Standing Posture)

Location: Narasapuram – Athimugam, Soolagiri, TamilNadu

Deities: Lord UgraNarasimhar (Angry Form of Lord Narasimha) and Goddess Mahalakshmi – Separate Sannidhis

History/Year of Construction: Dates back to 1600 Years. In olden days the priest of the temple performed weekly pooja, alankara and aradhana on every Saturday  and decorated The God with gold and valuable ornaments.The ornaments with the alankara would remain the same till the following Saturday. This place is in a very thick forest region. One day , a thief decided to rob these jewels owned by the deity. The Lord got very ferocious and pulled the vanni mara with its root out and swirled it around and killed the thief. Since then there has never been robbery and on attempting such practices there is instant punishment given by the Lord.

Sthala Vriksham(Tree): Vanni Maram(Tree) – Sponge Tree

Significance: The locals of this town have a belief that Lord Narasimhar has an eye over the evil practices like robbery/theft and the presence of Lord Narasimha’s Pada (Feet) signifies the Lords existence.

Temple Events: Narasimha Jayanthi, Swathi Naksharam (Lord’s Nakshatra) and Vaikunta Ekadashi

I was blessed to visit Sri Bhargavi Lakshmi Narasimhar in Athimugam, Soolagiri -TN on 16th April 2023. I happened to drive past the countryside and as temples are my area of deep interest, I was rather blessed to get the darshan of the Lord and his consort.The only Ugra Narasimhar Temple in Nindra Kolam (Standing Posture) in TN. His consort here is Goddess Lakshmi.Both in different Sannidhis:)

A very beautiful temple. Very very old temple yet so well maintai

Temple : Iravadeswarar Temple

Location: Hosur – Athimugam, TamilNadu

Deities: Lord Iravadeswarar, Lord Azhageswarar, Goddess Kamakshi and Goddess Akilandeshwari

History/Year of Construction: This Temple is 500 to 1000 years old.

Its believed that A Demon by name Vruddhasura was harassing The Devas. The Devas made a request to the then King Indira to protect them from the demon. Indira marched on his Iravadha Elephant, fought with the demon and killed the demon.This killing caused The BRAHMMAHATHI DOSHAM (A sin equivalent to murder).

A LINGA was installed on the banks of River Aghastya as advised by a voice from the sky thereby relieving Indira from the sin.

Significance:  The Temple has 2 presiding deities. The Nandi (The Bull)is slightly siding for Surya Bhagavan Pooja. Its believed that the rays of the Sun fall on this Lord  and since The Iravadha Elephant worshipped the Lord in this temple, The Shivalinga has that image on the face.

Temple Events: Mahashivaratri and Margazhi ARDRA (Dec/Jan of every year) are festivals celebrated in the temple.

I was blessed to visit The Iravadeswarar Temple in Hosur -Athimugam, TN on 7th May 2023. I happened to drive past the countryside and as temples are my area of deep interest, I was rather blessed to get the darshan of the Lord and his Consort.

Indeed a very very old and beautiful temple.



Temple : Kalkunte Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Location: Near Sarjapura – Rural Bangalore District, Bangalore

Deities: Ancient Temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha and his consorts SriDevi and BhuDevi..

History/Year of Construction: The history of this temple dates back to over 800 years but is not recorded properly or is unfortunately lost. However Lord Ranganatha has been worshipped here for a little over 200 years. It is believed by the devotees that The Vighraha of Lord Ranganatha Swamy is “Swayambu” – Self Manifested and this belief is not supported by any Vedic Literature or Stala Purana.

The Lord here is facing North East in a sleeping posture with 4 Arms and at his Lotus Feet are SriDevi and BhuDevi.

Temple Events: Brahmotsavam/Pallaki Festival are held very grandly here.Special poojas are offerred during Kartika Masa/Dhanur Masa and the poojas are all performed as per Pancharatra Agamas.
I was blessed to visit The Kalkunte Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple in Sarjapura, Bangalore on 2nd June 2023. Temples are my area of deep interest and I was rather blessed to get the darshan of the Lord and his Consort.

Indeed a very very old and beautiful temple.

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