Look back but make sure you stay ahead…

I keep looking back just to see how much of an effort I’ve made in moving forward after falling down each time.A few well known organizations have gotten in touch with me to scale up business but I have still not made decisions with regard to mergers or take overs.Maybe I am happy – contented in running GURUKULAM as a one woman army…

2017 has not been a good year on my health front(with frequent cancellation of classes) but I still managed work to the best of my ability. GURUKULAM continues to do well by the Grace of God and my little kids performing so so well.There have been times when I have felt the need to shut shop completely and restart something new or different -blame it on monotony but my little kids just make me come back to them. So GURUKULAM will continue as long as kids keep me going and that sure is gonna be for many many more years.

A few lessons I learn everyday when I look back…

1). I never compare my life with anyone for I think I am here with a mission and purpose.

2). Small talk or gossip helps me to stay away from toxic people

3). I have stopped measuring success in terms of MONEY….but I begin to believe that the little milestones my kids at GURUKULAM make is what is true success to me.

4).Give not because you have plenty but because we are blessed enough to share the little that we have with the less fortunate.

5).GRATITUDE for everything and every person in my life

6).I look back not to see how badly I’ve failed in life during the last 20 years but to see or show the world how well I’ve bounced back after all the failure.

TRULY life is what we make out of it and failures can be successes in no time …More power to me and GURUKULAM during 2018…

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