Life holds something totally different for me….

Life holds something totally different for all of us…..for me included…something totally unimaginable…..Where have I come…??

Having a Masters in Economics…..working in a Chartered Accountant Firm for a few years (that’s was something I totally hated -I mean Accounts) followed by working as a Branch Head in a Pre School(Working with kids can only be fun) and then a Branch Head in a SoftwareTesting Company (Been a good learning experience)…..Today I want to do none of the above…….Just work with kids and have a Shloka School of my own in the coming years…

I’m sure some people are having a good laugh thinking …Boy! where would she head with a SHLOKA what they are thinking? You never know guys…..I am heading probably in the rightest direction…LOL! (Check out my confidence – wondering if it seems like overconfidence…NOPE..its only the joy that working with kids give me)!

Shloka classes and a Shloka school is not something I had imagined of in the wildest of my dreams……We need to see how much of a reality it’s going to be!

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GURUKULAM is the first of its kind ONLINE SHLOKA SCHOOL which caters to 75 kids across the globe all through SKYPE/WATSAPP Videos. The main aim of the school is to keep traditional roots in place and also keep our children (our future) abreast of our cultural knowledge. Kids can take lessons all at the convenience of their homes and at convenient timings.


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