In less than a month I turn the BIG 40.

Excited I sure am but at the same can’t imagine the way time has gone by…Life has been a crazy journey right through but I am glad I picked myself up just so many times I would have never imagined and made it this far. GRATEFUL to GOD, FAMILY, and FRIENDS ūüôā

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I’d like to have done a lot more than the few I would list below nevertheless I am glad I have these 6¬†on my list before I hit the BIG 40….

1).¬†Successful SHLOKAPRENEUR: I am often told by my parents¬†“Work hard in SILENCE, Let your SUCCESS be your noise”.

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2).HOME :Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful Рnow thats what I call HOME.Thankful to the year 2019 for making that dream of mine come true.Yeah I finally acquired a beautiful villa. Its truly a huge milestone for me personally.

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3).OVERSEAS TRAVEL: It’s in all or most of our wishlist to visit any country abroad and I am glad I made it to a few.

God’s creation is magical – the beauty, the wilderness, the people, the food, the clothes, and just everything seemed like a whole new experience and I am GRATEFUL for that.

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4).SMILE: In the last few years I have made PEACE with my PAST and I think MY PEACE begins with a SMILE and MY SMILE says it all:)

I have learnt to smile in my most trying times and it made troubled times a lot easier to deal with.

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5).GRATITUDE: The only thing that has changed me to be a better person is GRATITUDE. Today Gratitude makes me feel as a complete person for everything LIFE has given me and for things, LIFE has taken away from me.

I am so grateful for the amazing family, friends I am surrounded with and everything that GOD has given me ..Just makes me say THANK YOU.

Yeah THANK YOU and GRATITUDE is all I have

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6). SPIRITUAL PROGRESS: The last 20 odd years of my life have been the worst on the personal front but the only thing that helped me bounce back to be a HAPPY PERSON today is the spiritual progress I make/made every single day.

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My focus on God has helped me beat the worst form of ANXIETY and DEPRESSION.I would go a step further and say that THIS LIFE I OWE TO HIM. Spiritual progress has sure made me a better person today.

Now don’t I make 40 look really good guys????

Wish me well for the years ahead ūüôā

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