Kamsa’s demons had harassed children throughout the region for fifteen years. Kamsa’s every attempt to kill Krishna had failed.
Magically, Krishna and Balarama killed them all as part of their divine play, or lila. Thus, the inhabitants of Vrindavana were thankful, remembering their guru’s prediction about Krishna. After Krishna killed the arista (bull) demon, the great sage Narada Muni went to Kamsa’s palace and told him that Krishna and Balarama were the seventh and eighth sons of Vasudeva. Narada described the events that took place on the night of Krishna’s birth and confirmed that Kamsa would meet his death at Krishna’s hands.
On hearing this news, Kamsa imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva again and renewed his vow to kill Krishna and Balarama. He called for the Keshi demon, and other great demons, and just in case that didn’t work, he planned to draw the boys into a wrestling match with two of his strongest wrestlers. Kamsa planned to organize “ Dhanoriya yugana” (wrestling match) and invite Krishna as well as Balrama , so that he could challenge and kill them easily . This is where Krishna and Balarama transform into adulthood, because they never again return to the lighthearted pastimes of their youth, playing in the pastures or dancing with the young gopis.
Kamsa immediately sent his cousin, Akrura to Gokul for Krishna and Balraama. Every one in Gokul did not want krishna to go. But Krishna had to convince them to let him go . He had to fulfill the purpose of his Life. Akrura drove the Chariot of Krishna and Balrama towards Mathura. After entering Mathura the chariot suddenly stopped because an old blind lady was standing in the way Chariot, she brought Sandalwood(Chandan) for the royality. her body was deformed , she was a cursed lady because of her past life deeds, She was Manthra in her past Birth. She applied Chandan on Krishna and attained salvation.
Kamsa heard the news of Krishna’s and Balraam’s arrival. He asked his minister to unchain the mad elephant Kuvalayapidain in krishna’s way. The elephant Kuvalayapida ran towards Krishna destroying everything coming in his way. Krishna cut off his trunk with his sword and the elephant died off pain immediately.
Kamsa was already delirious with fear waiting for Krishna to arrive, and unable to sleep through the last night because of bad dreams. He saw his headless body in a mirror, everything appeared double, and he saw the covering of the sky as pierced. He saw holes in his shadow and left no footprints when he walked.
Kamsa went to the stadium where the wrestling match took place and sat on his throne . He asked Akrura to point towards Krishna and Balrama. The matches were not an ordinary wrestling matches .They where set in such a way that the match had only one result – do or die . Death was inevitable for the looser.

Kamsa challenged Krishna and Balrama to fight with Mushtika and Chanura , the invincible demon warriors. Balaram attacked Mushtika, using his mighty mace. Mushtika fell down with an enormous roar of pain in the first blow itself and Krishna clumped Chanura, they fought on and on with all their strengths but could not stand against Krishna and Balrama. Kamsa was shocked to see his best warriors in the clutches of Krishna and Balarama.
The evil king sprang up from his throne and shouted: “Drive the two wicked sons of Vasudeva out of the city! Confiscate the cowherds’ property and arrest that evil man Nanda! Kill that ill-motivated Vasudeva! Also kill my father, Ugrasena, along with his followers, who have sided with our enemies.”
Krishna then roared ” oh evil Uncle Kansa now its your turn to go to hell”. Every body in the stadium were so confident of Krishna that they stated to shout “kill kamsa, kill the evil, end the Tyrant” . Kamsa tried to escape arena but could not flee.

Krishna caught hold of kamsa and made him to count on his bad deeds, killing innocent children, imprisoning Devaki and Vasudeva, imprisoning his own father King Ugrasena, doing all injustice to the people of Mathura.Then pulling his head by the hair , Krishna cut off Kamsa’s head with Sudarshan Chakra. the heavens showered flowers on Krishna.
Krishna and Balrama rushed to palace dungeons and they ordered to unchain their parents and grandfather.Krishna and Balraama meet their parents with tears in their eyes. At last by god’s grace Devaki and Vaasudeva embraced their long lost children.Peace once again was brought back to streets of Mathura.Every body Praised Lord Krishna for putting an end to their grief. and setting them free from injustice of Kamsa.
From here, his mission began. He was established as the Deliverer, the saviour of that race, because as it had been prophesied, he came at the age of 16 and put an end to this tyrant.








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