Expect the Unexpected….Fret Not!

Till about 34 years I saw my own self as a big failure on very many fronts…..My personal life a disaster in every possible way, a desire to get to the USA to acquire a PHD in Economics still remains a dream, a job that I did’nt like (I love being my own BOSS -so the very fact of working under someone can make you feel miserable) ….I’m sure people reading this would feel ….Oops what kind of a life is this -Such a FAILURE this woman.

It took me 15 long years to figure out what I like and want to do with my life -Be with KIDS, yeah you heard it right BE WITH KIDS AND HELP THEM BE BETTER HUMAN BEINGS by contributing in my own small way….This was something I least expected about life and you will not even imagine what a HIT/SUCCESS I am with not just kids but what I do as well – GURUKULAM was born -making me a successful SHLOKAPRENEUR 🙂

Life’s challenges are a plenty, comes in different forms making one feel like a FAILURE or even GIVE UP…thats when the unexpected happens….So Never ever fret, Life has only the best to offer!

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GURUKULAM is the first of its kind ONLINE SHLOKA SCHOOL which caters to 75 kids across the globe all through SKYPE/WATSAPP Videos. The main aim of the school is to keep traditional roots in place and also keep our children (our future) abreast of our cultural knowledge. Kids can take lessons all at the convenience of their homes and at convenient timings.


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