Do HARSH words need to be returned in equal or more measure?

Divyaa – you ain’t a mother so you would’nt know!

Ah! To be dealing with kids I don’t need to be a mother at the first place …..and dealing with 30 odd kids in the last 3 months helps me understand their PSYCHOLOGY well too….

Today a parent happened to discuss with me about discipline lessons through shlokas….

Parent: My son would never listen….Its going to be hard on you Divyaa, really hard!!

Me: Dont worry…I will take care of him in class…

Parent: Your not a mother, you don’t have kids …so you would’nt know…

Me: Taken a back…..(A few things can be said in better ways — maybe she did’nt mean what she said…but it did hurt me)

Parent: We know our kids better

Me: In class…..I deal with them…So I sure know how to deal with them and in class all the kids¬†listen …so your kid would follow!( (Smilingly walked away)

I personally feel that HARSH WORDS don’t have to be returned in equal or more measure….I just walked away – my way of dealing with it:)

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