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There is always something happening on and off campus, so keep checking the links below. It will give you a taste of the vibrancy of Greenville life.

How it all Started

Our Story


What Parents Say

My daughters Tanishaa and Trisha are part of Gurukulam from past 6 months .At first when they saw the curriculum they felt it’s difficult..but Divya made it very simpler and taught them at ease .Now my kids are eagerly waiting for their next sessions every time and whenever they listen to those chants they repeat it with pride..Awesome Divya..Way to go….

Mrs Gopika Gopi

Great to see all the kids !Thank you Divya garu for teaching kids and teaching the importance of our culture. It’s a great endeavor and we are proud to be a part of this beautiful journey. Thank you for all you do!

Mrs Sandhya Shashidhar

My kid is blessed to be a part of Gurukulam.Last two months he have learned so much which has helped him grow spiritually and understand our culture better. Special thanks to Divya as a guru as she explain each and every shloka so well that it makes our kids not only learn but understand the meaning of it as well…

Mrs.Sapna Shetty

Helping Others


Several student-led charitable drives raise thousands of dollars annually and help provide supplies that directly benefit underserved communities in San Francisco, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Eritrea and other places around the globe.

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