Wondering if CRYING is an easy tool to abstain from learning?

Come May 2nd and it will be 6 months since I started working with kids……As friendly as I may appear…I am a Strict teacher too….For me its way too important that kids learn what is taught and if kids are not upto the mark it seriously angers me……ANGERS me because Kids have so much capacity to learn and I seriously give in my 100% to the class…

I ¬†meet kids once a week and one week is long time for kids to learn what is taught in class….I am in full agreement with the fact that kids these days do very many classes and don’t have the time….but I tell parents that all they need to put in everyday is 10 minutes….Am I asking for too much? 10 minutes of chanting what is taught will make each and every kid an expert…..I vouch by that statement…

Of late I have been observing that the moment I ask kids to chant shlokas (Some kids really put in that effort to be the best in class) …I am talking about the not so serious kuttys….Their eyes turn blood shot red and they start crying…I used to get scared initially but these days I have come to realise that its an easy way to avoid learning……I have spoken to parents too and they say that I have to be strict with them (I hate to be strict with kids…..they like and love you only when you are nice and kind to them) but that does’nt seem to be working here…..They cry no matter what —– So maybe I am learning it the hard way, but I am not going to give into tears:) —–Trust me its the hardest part to see kids cry….they are all so innocent, but LEARNING here better be the motive!

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