We are a year old…Ist Anniversary it is!

And its one year since I started GURUKULAM….A big day indeed..We have come a long longggg way….started with as lil as 6 kids and today to be boasting of close to 50 kids is indeed a milestone….The journey has been hard cause tapping an area untapped was’nt close to easy…..A lot of people tell me “Divyaa your work speaks for itself” and I have had my share of spats with mamma’s tooo….comeon its not just positive feedback but people have their right to opinion and negative feedback is only a way to work harder and show better results….

Hear my children say their SANSKRIT SHLOKAS and you sure will be taken a back……I kid nobody-SANSKRIT being a new language for the 5 year olds…..Going forward we plan to expand and reach out to a zillion kids…Thanks parents and kids for being a part of my SCHOOL….We got a lot more recognition because BABY CHAKRA, WELLNESS CHAKRA and HOOHA made a feature about us…..that sure was motivating….thanks family for allowing me to do what I want and be as crazy as I have always been…..

YAY we are a year old now…Ist anniversary it is (20th Oct 2015)

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GURUKULAM is the first of its kind ONLINE SHLOKA SCHOOL which caters to 75 kids across the globe all through SKYPE/WATSAPP Videos. The main aim of the school is to keep traditional roots in place and also keep our children (our future) abreast of our cultural knowledge. Kids can take lessons all at the convenience of their homes and at convenient timings.


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