Occupied kids = Elated-stressfree moms

Kids being occupied or busy or doing their stuff isn’t a wrong thing at all.In this busy world where each one of us are busy take care of household chores, taking care of our elderly, working hard to meet our day to day needs…Its equally important for kids to be busy and learn stuff that will help them grow in life -Life skills it is:)

School is just one part of a kid’s life….today part-taking in different activities post school is what shapes a child to face this stressful world. Be it piano, soccer, basketball, violin, golf , artwork or just anything that a child is passionate about can help the child face the world with a lot more competitive attitude is what I have come to see and believe ….

The influence of a mother in the life of her child is beyond calculation and she dreaming big about her child only goes to prove that mothers then and now have just taken that extra mile or many miles to see their child to be successful even if that involves lots of work for the mother and many classes for the child ..

The end result is HAPPY MOTHERS …I call them ELATED MOTHERS (Here I am not talking about giving stress to children, but just keeping them busy by teaching them different activities)

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