Close to 50 kids…..Me thinks its simply fantastic!

Tapping an area untapped -The Shloka School has been a challenge…Its been a real challenge and having close to 50 kids is no jokes at all…and all that in 9 months:)

GURUKULAM today can boast of teaching close to 50 kids…..Its just been 9 months and we have been able to reach out to a huge crowd…..Feel happy and humbled…I think Facebook and a word of mouth have been the main sources through which admissions have happened….

Thank you parents, kids and friends, would’nt have been possible without any of you..:)

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GURUKULAM is the first of its kind ONLINE SHLOKA SCHOOL which caters to 75 kids across the globe all through SKYPE/WATSAPP Videos. The main aim of the school is to keep traditional roots in place and also keep our children (our future) abreast of our cultural knowledge. Kids can take lessons all at the convenience of their homes and at convenient timings.


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