The year thats gone by has been one crazy year on all the fronts – Personal, Professional & Spiritual  but I am grateful to God that I made it to 2019…GRATITUDE today and always!

Professionally: I can’t complain. GURUKULAM turned 5 in Oct 2018 besides having achieved the below milestones – small but we have come a long long long way.I am very happy and proud that GURUKULAM caters to kids across the globe…. just goes to show that we have reached far and wide.

Personally: A crazy year on my health front but had a fun vacation with family in California. One super holiday…

Spiritually: A very trying year. I wish to make some kind of progress on the spiritual front every year but this year seemed hard even though I tried my best.Hopefully 2019 looks up…

I wouldn’t complain about the year thats gone by for every day has been a learning experience and I am a stronger and wiser person today but I am definitely looking forward to a better year.

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