A few of my life’s learnings/lessons…

Life hasn’t been very kind on many fronts….but a few things I have learnt along this journey are:

1).Gratitude: These days I go to sleep thanking God for all the blessings in my life and wake up thanking him for a new day.I just take one day at a time. I say this because there have been days which have been horrifying on the health front and I know how much I have bothered my people day in and day out. I am very thankful to God for the family support I have.I have come to realise that possessions just give you the timely happiness but its the support from people around you and God’s blessings that keep you going.

I am grateful for just everyday and everything in my life.

2).Anger can just lead to disaster: I can just pass off as an ever smiling-nice person but I have a lot of anger deep inside.and my poor folks are true victims of it. I realise I take a lot of advantage with my folks because I know for a fact that they are aware of what I am going through and are totally understanding of the same. After 12 long years I feel the harshness of the tongue not only hurts many people but results in losing a lot of lovely relationships.-friends  and family included.

The only way to avoid anger is walk off from the place/person who provokes anger in you or just keep quiet.Try it the results are amazing!

3).Mean /Nasty Talk: Everyone does mean talk, backbiting and I have done it too. But it hurts you most when people do the same about you. Thats when you realise that the other person would have felt miserable when I did some mean talking about them. Ofcourse we don’t fall under the category of well-wishers when we backbite someone…We sure are ill-wishers.Today whenever there is some mean talking or backbiting I make sure I am not a party to it and avoid it by walking away from that place. I realise how much negativity is avoided.We don’t have to do good to people but we sure can avoid doing bad things and in turn hurting them.

I just stay away from people who pretend to be good by just cutting off from them.As far as I am concerned they just don’t exist.

4).Prayers: They have miracles to offer. I would rather spend my time in the company of God -Lord Krishna to be precise, reading good books, visiting temples, chanting or my prayer time. It brings in so much of peace and qualities like giving, compassion, kindness, love and a lot lot more. You have to experience this to believe this.

For me its taken years to get me to where I am today. I have so much more of learning to do, but I am happy that I am a better individual .These are just a few learnings but I am happy Life has taught me how to be a finer individual with all my difficult and bad experiences.After all one needs to learn from their bad experiences/mistakes otherwise one would just be repenting all their life.

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