A few lesser known facts about me.

Wondering how I click with kids….I am wondering myself….I kid nobody – I am a transformed lady today..I see change myself.

I think……. no no I say it with confidence that its kids who have transformed me….Don”t even underestimate them…they can do awesome things to elders….they have done it to me….CHANGED me to a better person with all their love….See what LOVE can do:)

 1).I was called Miss Impatient D -So patience where did it all come from? I am somebody who really snaps at small things or should I say I USED TO …not any longer (Though a different person at home…haha)……I have super patience today when I am with kids…..I can’t beleive my own self….!

2). LISTENING Skills rated at zero – With kids you can’t talk …you have to give a patient hearing…..So over a period of time I have come to learn that I am a better listener today…..No, I’m not even saying I talk less (Can Taureans talk less – and yeah they are known to be awesome communicators -not close to boasting, but thats me)…..but if u have learnt the art of listening, you have made a serious progress in life…I think I have….Kids have taught me…..No matter what listen to us first maám is waht they say:)

3).Miss Moody I used to be – Who likes moody people…we don’t even like it when kids are moody…Imagine a MOODY teacher…One lesson learnt…CHNAGE Is the only thing CONSTANT…Toady I am less moody a person!

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